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Described as having a sensitive and refined sound, yet also posessing a structured balance between texture and phrasing with a wide dynamic range, Danang Dirhamsyah's repertoire is vast, from baroque to contemporary music with focus on Johann Sebastian Bach and Johannes Brahms. 

Dirhamsyah gave tour concerts in Germany between 2020-2022 where he performed works by Johanns Sebastian Bach: The Goldberg Variations and the Well Tempered Clavier. His dedication to Bach's music has led him to being introduced to a Filmmaker, Rüdiger Sünner, where he was then engaged to be the main musician for the Film: Heilige Spiele (Sacred Games), a documentary on Johann Sebastian Bach, released in 2022. 

As an experienced pianist for contemporary music and chamber music, Dirhamsyah has collaborated with many renowned musicians, such as percussionist Johannes Fischer, flutist Angela Firkins, clarinetist Reiner Wehle, cellist Troels Svane, cellist Fermín Villanueva, pianist Iswargia Sudarno and more. He appeared as a solist and performed the rarely played work by Alban Berg, "Kammerkonzert" (Chamber Concerto for Piano and Violin with 13 Wind Instruments) under the baton of oboist/conductor Diethelm Jonas with the Wind Ensemble of Lübeck Academy of Music.


The Indonesian pianist has also worked together with living Composers such as Gordon Kampe, Oliver Korte, Josep Planells and Dieter Mack, where he also learned and played the Balinese Gamelan.

Among his most influential teachers were pianist and pedagogue Iswargia R. Sudarno, Konrad Elser, and harpsichordist Hans-Jürgen Schnoor. Other than that, Dirhamsyah had taken masterclasses from world-known musicians such as Pavel Gililov, Willem Brons, Wibi Soerjadi, Tamas Ungar, Adam Gyorgy, Enrico Elisi, and Sam Haywood. 

As a piano instructor, Dirhamsyah is engaged in teaching the younger generation, where he is currently working part-time in several music schools in north Germany.

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